Akos the Solutionist

Akos The Solutionist

Akos The Solutionist brings you innovative, practical, and problem-solving products for everyday life. Shop the incredible collection of solutions right here at TSC! Award-winning world-class scientist and product inventor Akos “The Solutionist” Jankura has been creating products that offer simple solutions to common issues. With more than 25 years of problem-solving experience, Akos has gained the trust of millions of people around the world with his genius inventions, selling close to 1 billion dollars’ worth of his innovative home solutions. Through earning his degree in Science and Chemistry at the University of Toronto, Akos discovered his passion for creating convenient solutions for life’s everyday challenges. “I’m passionate about offering a great value and creating products that are not only easy to use but make even the most mundane tasks fun,” says Akos. He describes his forward-thinking gadgets as “cool and exciting” and continues to apply his scientific background to his inventions. Every Akos The Solutionist product is specifically designed with a real-life problem in mind. From solar shades to all-purpose cleaners to UV vacuum cleaners, each new product, formula, and solution is thoroughly tested by Akos to ensure quality and effectiveness. His inventions have been featured in well-known publications and television shows, including The New York Times and the Wendy Williams Show. TSC is thrilled to offer you a collection of Akos The Solutionist advanced products, including the colour-maintaining “Stainz R Out Nano Fabric” cleaner. This “science-meets-clean” stain-protecting product features an innovative plant-based formula that is safe to use on various surfaces like linen, suede, cotton, and polyester. Here at TSC, you’ll also find the unique and practical Akos The Solutionist “Folding Wand,” which is a tool that helps you seamlessly fold fitted bedsheets, spreads, and tablecloths. Discover solutions made simple. Trust Akos The Solutionist when it comes to facing everyday homelife challenges.