Castle & Fables

Castle & Fables Luxury Loose Leaf Tea

'Teaholics' are always looking for new blends to try. So, whether looking for a gift to please a tea lover or want to indulge yourself, you are in the right place! TSC selected the best aromas and flavours from Castle & Fables tea company, from classics like Earl Grey to bolds such as Rooibos Provence. To stand out in the rich and vast tea universe, the company is constantly creating unique, high-quality combinations. Herbs and flowers, sourced from all over the globe, are tested together to achieve the perfect balance between taste, colour and intensity. Enhance your tea experience with Castle & Fables loose tea variety! Shop online at TSC Canada and get the product at your home. Castle & Fables’ tea collection adapts to the seasons, and each month you can find something different. During the spring, the brand emphasizes delicious and aromatic floral blends similar to Balinese Rainbow Jasmine. Inspired by the Indonesian island's numerous kinds of flowers, this tea is a mix of exotic floral and green tea flavours. When summer comes, you can enjoy a refreshing iced tea with more citrus notes. The Oolong Orange Blossom has an exact and delectable equation: the sweetness of jasmine and the freshness of dried orange pieces. Autumn asks for something more heartwarming such as the Maple Cream that goes nicely with a bit of milk. Together with sweet caramel notes and a touch of creamy softness, the famous maple flavour takes this fall style tea to perfection. To keep you warm from the freezing Canadian winter, the blend of Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai will be just right! Castle & Fables’ experts created this comforting tea using spices, chai mix, cinnamon and ginger pieces. This ancestry and luxury drink is present in many people's daily lives and is great for several occasions. From welcoming someone at your home to taking a zen moment for yourself or even as a healthy alternative, tea never disappoints. Are you ready for a perfect and flavourful cup of tea? Choose the Castle & Fables blend that adapts to your mood and taste, add warm water, wait a few minutes and delight yourself.