Foot Petals

Foot Petals – Solutions for all-day shoe comfort

Innovative and reusable comfort solutions for the shoes you love! Let’s face it; we know that most pairs of high heels - and almost every other pair of women’s shoes - can get pretty painful after all-day wear. With Foot Petals’ comfy (and might we add, super cute) solutions, you’ll receive the desired comfort and support for your feet so that you can strut confidently throughout your day in your favourite pair of sky-high heels or ballerina flats. Shop Foot Petals online in Canada today, right here at TSC! Foot Petals revolutionized the idea of comfortable footwear when they released their best-selling ball-of-foot cushions, Tip Toes. They were driven by the thought that instead of having to embark on the painstaking journey of shopping around endlessly for shoes that deliver both comfort and fashion-sense, why not simply insert the cloud-like comfort into those stunning stilettos that you absolutely love? Following the success of their initial innovation, Foot Petals went on to develop a celebrated line of solutions to address some of the most pressing issues in women’s footwear, including slipping heels, lack of arch support, sore spots, and other common shoe challenges. Foot Petal’s customizable collection of insoles, Fab Feet, offer uncompromisingly targeted foot support. The line’s breathable, anti-microbial material ensures all-day discreet and reliable comfort. The comfy innovations continue with Foot Petal’s Killer Kushionz and Heavenly Heelz, designed with Technogel® technology. Providing full coverage from your heel to the ball of your foot, this patented revolutionary gel delivers 3-dimensional shock absorption in virtually invisible cushions for reduced stress on your foot’s pressure points. From strappy strip cushions that offer blister protection to warm and fuzzy slippers for those lazy days at home, you’ll discover an endless array of solutions that will have your feet comfortably covered, no matter the style or occasion. Find your solution today when you shop Foot Petals at TSC!