Luca + Danni

Luca + Danni - From Our Family To Yours

Handmade and nothing short of an absolute original, Luca + Danni jewellery is available to you here at TSC! Founded and based in picturesque Rhode Island USA, Luca + Danni is a family owned jewellery business that prides itself on generations of expertise, and the 'from design to finished product' completion of every piece in-house. They are as proudly patriotic as they are family-oriented, and their enthusiasm is evident in every bangle, bracelet, necklace, and so much more that they produce, both domestically and with an evident love of the craft itself. Luca + Danni have built themselves upon a number of inspirational credos, and none more so that 'we craft the jewellery, you create the story'. These were the original words of patriarch and founder Fred Magnanimi, and included on the packaging of every item received from Luca + Danni. Taking up the mantle from their father, siblings Luca and Danny carried on the passion for beautiful interesting jewellery. Despite Danny's tragic passing in a battle with cancer, the Magnanimi vision continues through the success and evolution of Luca + Danni, and with no apparent end in sight. 'Today's meaningful gifts...tomorrow's treasured keepsakes' is another heartfelt saying employed by Luca + Danni, and with one look at their collection, you cannot help but see that they mean it. Their product line in an extensive variety of attractive bracelets, necklaces, and more, each bearing a wide range of charming and beloved imagery: holiday themed, faith-based, culturally influenced (both Italian and Irish symbolism is especially prominent), love, family, and that's only to begin with. There is genuinely something here for everyone, not just in the imagery itself, but the satisfying craftsmanship and vision that binds each piece to its completed state. For something truly beautiful, and truly made with love too, Luca + Danni is available to you here at TSC.