Lusome Sleepwear

Go to bed in comfort and style with Lusome, available to you here at TSC! Luxurious and functional, Lusome is a Montreal based sleepwear designer that has your comfort uniquely and entirely in mind. Using a revolutionary blend of fabrics, they specifically address the discomfort experienced for women who have a tendency to sweat in their sleep more than others. Using a cutting edge, innovative moisture management technology, Lusome (which means 'desirable' in ancient Scottish) wants to help with getting better nights of quality rest, and feeling confident and attractive at the same time. Their secret is in a scientifically developed fabric called Xirotex, a miraculous blend of materials that moves and evaporates moisture at an accelerated rate, and also deals with odour and bacteria on the skin's surface, too. Xirotex naturally works to eliminate excess perspiration through its unique engineering, and helps to solve a problem that would normally make for an uncomfortable and less-than-ideal night's sleep. Not only does Lusome employ this incredible technology, but their vast line of sleepwear is also incredibly stylish and attractive as well. You can go to bed in the evening with your comfort in mind on two equally important levels: feeling comfortable and looking great! With their beautiful line of sleep-shirts, night-shirts, leggings, pyjama sets, and so much more, you can look forward to an ideal slumber in whatever you like to wear the most! Their wonderful luxury sleepwear is also available in an inclusive list of sizes, with a number of styles and colours to appease any preference, too. With pleasingly cute names like the Eva, the Diana, and the Valerie, you will see their nighttime apparel is loaded with personality and ready for you to get the best night's sleep you can. Lusome sleepwear, available to you here at TSC!