Nicer Dicer by Genius

Nicer Dicer by Genius - Fruit & Vegetable Multi-Chopper

Looking for more versatility in the preparations of your meals? Check out the original Nicer Dicer by Genius, available online at TSC! The product offers a quick, handy and safe way to cut vegetables and fruits into uniform pieces and multiple shapes. Invented by Petra Repac, the Nicer Dicer idea came from a personal problem that is common to many people. Having eyes always watering while cutting onions and smelly hands when chopping garlic was irritating Petra, she decided to solve it. First, she developed a garlic cutter, and 4 years later, the onion and vegetable chopper was available in the market. The combination of the leverage principle and the sharpen blades brought the solution to all challenges simultaneously. Nicer Dicer received this world-famous name and was introduced by Genius in 2005, after undergoing some improvements. Genius is a German supplier of kitchenware, homeware and lifestyle products focusing on providing solutions to make people's lives easier. Petra and her husband, Cedomir Repac, founded the company “Euro Produktmarketing GmbH” in 1995 to market their inventions. With a team of experts, they started to materialize the ideas, and 6 years later, the company changed the name to Genius GmbH. Genius is characterized by customer proximity, and since 2015, the company has had its own TV channel "GeniusPlusTV" to promote its state-of-the-art devices. Quality, compact and intuitive design can be found in each product made by Genius, today available all around the world. Nicer Dicer was a major milestone for the company in 2004 and responsible for positioning Genius as a leader in its sector. Today’s bestseller, the Nicer Dicer collection, is constantly growing. Year after year, the company launches new versions with innovative features to meet consumers' demands and solve everyday problems. Nicer Dicer Plus, Nicer Dicer Quick, Nicer Dicer Fusion, and Nicer Dicer Magic Cube lines include containers, graters, slicers, cutters and more. The product's multiple models allow you to cut ingredients into cubes, slices, strips, etc., providing you sharpness, diversity, speed and ease of work. TSC invites you to dive into the universe of Nicer Dicer by Genius and discover the infinite possibilities the brand offers you.