Nostalgia - Vintage Design Appliances For Your Kitchen or Event

Nostalgia provides you with a trip to the past and brings back your best memories through its products with vintage design. The beautiful collection includes Popcorn Maker, Slush Machine, Ice Cream Maker, Chocolate Fountain, Cotton Candy Maker and much more. In addition to the magnificent design, the appliances feature high-quality materials and functionality to create delicious treats. Immerse yourself in the retro world of Nostalgia and remember the flavours of your childhood. Check out the range of products available at TSC Canada and shop online! With the mission of adding fun and entertainment into people's everyday life, Nostalgia brings the classic shapes and colours of 19th-century design. The company has been creating attractive products since 2001, when the first product, the Vintage Hot Air Popcorn Maker, was introduced. Nostalgia is a longing for something past that connects you with the most joyful feelings and moments. The taste of the food you loved, a decoration from a bygone era or a movie that marked your childhood. Nostalgia has a unique way of creating its attractive products, looking towards an imaginative future while clinging to the best moments that came before. The timeless appeal of the brand Coca-Cola® is also present in the collection, such as Hot Dog Toaster, Refrigerators and Popcorn Maker. The collection is so diverse, pretty and exciting that it will be tricky to choose just one favourite! How about having that smell of buttered popcorn in the air? With over 10 different styles available, the PopCorn Makers allows you to taste freshly popped popcorn in a few minutes. For a Mexican night with friends, the Taco Tuesday line, like the Tortilla Bowl Maker and the Electric Quesadilla Maker, will be perfect! Bake crispy, delicious hard tortilla shells to serve with your own taco salad, dips or even ice cream. Or rapidly make thin or thick stuffed cheesy quesadillas as appetizers. Whether to bring personality to your kitchen or add a vintage touch to a themed party, the appliances by Nostalgia will meet your needs.