Product Overview
What it is:
Tightra is a safe and effective intimate wellness solution for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. Clinically tested, Tightra is the first and only home-use device that utilizes Radio Frequency, a medically proven technology that increases blood flow and boosts elastin and collagen production tightening the pelvic floor muscles and reducing urinary incontinence. Vaginal tightening also improves sexual function and vulvovaginal appearance.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for women who experience bladder control and other intimate health-related issues.

What it does:
Childbirth, aging, menopause, hormonal factors and genetics can all contribute to weakened pelvic floor muscles resulting in loss of bladder control, tightness and elasticity. Tightra utilizes Radio Frequency energy that flows between the device electrodes. This heat energy stimulates the cells resulting in the increased formation and construction of collagen and elastin fibres which reduces urinary incontinence and improves bladder control. Treatments using Radio Frequency energy also enhance natural lubrication, increase sensation, and improve external appearance.

What is included:
• Silk'n Tightra Vaginal Tightening Technology with Intimate Gel
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