Lisa leaves behind a successful corporate career in the world of technology and electronics to now joining the host team at TSC. Going from a world of planning and execution from behind the scenes to now, in front of the lens! Lisa is known for her energy, sincerity, big heart, humour and charm. She is the girlfriend you'd spend time with on the couch, out on the town or simply calling her up for ideas on meal planning, what to wear, shopping and health advice.

Lisa's parents immigrated to Canada from the West Indies in the 1970's on borrowed money, worked in factories all of their lives and managed to successfully develop a vibrant lifestyle for their 2 children in the suburbs of Ontario. Lisa's upbringing consistently surrounded discipline and consistency around education, and was raised to be highly goal driven in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Having graduated with a double major in University, Lisa jumped into the corporate world and climbed her way up the corporate ladder in a few short years.

Lisa met her husband Roger, while attending university, and 5 years ago they officially tied the knot! They now enjoy the pitter patter of little feet with their 16 month old son Zavier Jackson Chang. Zave for short and the light of her life. Don't be surprised if she mentions him a lot because Lisa is all about work life balance, being a mom in today's fast paced world and finding time to take care of yourself as well.

The last few years have taken Lisa on a journey of discovering the importance of fitness and proper nutrition. Having overcome health challenges, she dedicated her spare time outside of her corporate career to becoming a certified personal trainer and teaching strength training and nutrition classes to women throughout the Greater Toronto Area. When not negotiating in boardrooms, working out, teaching classes, raising her son and managing her home, Lisa can be found sipping a coffee and experimenting with new recipes for her family in her kitchen — she calls it "her happy place" and calls the meals that she creates "Soul Fuel". While she wears many hats and is known as "mama" first, she is also called Mighty Mouse — there is no challenge too big for her.