Carol Fysh lives her life with passion! Before beginning her television career, Carol was a single mom with an interest in broadcasting. The Toronto native worked towards her dream as a legal assistant during the day and by attending broadcasting school in the evening. Since then, Carol has hosted numerous infomercials, television commercials and talk shows, and has even appeared in some feature films, including Total Recall. "It is important to follow your dreams — if you're not excited about your life, change it," she says.

Eager to connect with people and feel comfortable in front of the camera, Carol has hosted on TSC for over 18 years with many adventures along the way. She stepped out of her comfort zone in 2010 to create her own skin care line, which was featured on TSC and sold in Europe.

An avid traveller, her favourite vacation spots include Moorea in the South Pacific, St. Petersburg, Vienna and the Azores. With her children now in their 30's and five grandchildren between her and her husband, 680 News Announcer Brian Fisher, she embraces every moment. When she isn't spending time with her family, Carol likes to get together with her strong network of friends, some of whom she met through TSC.

Every day Carol reminds herself to dream big, laugh always, learn from your mistakes and treat people with kindness. "I love my life," she says, "I wouldn't change a thing."