Lifestyle Expert, Certified Professional Coach and Television Personality, Kasie has worked as a product spokesperson, TV host and writer for over 14 years. Connecting with women, keeping it real and laughing at life's foibles – winning her status as "Almost Mother of the Year"!

As a lifestyle expert, television host, media personality and writer, Kasie has worked with dozens of top tier and global brands as a product spokesperson and brand ambassador. She is a lover-of-all-things Canadian and huge supporter of local businesses, Kasie strives to showcase brands, businesses and products that resonate with women.

Kasie is known for her sense of humour, sincere curiosity and passion for products that make life better. A Mom of three teen sons, fitness freak and diehard wellness guru, you can count on Kasie to help you shop in a fun, informative and laid-back style.