Originally from Montreal, Nick has called Toronto his home for the past 12 years. Within a week of moving to Toronto, he met, started dating and fell in love with his now wife Amanda, who he'll be celebrating a third wedding anniversary with this New Year's Eve. They have two boys Rocco and Lennox who are two years apart and who share the same birthday!

Nick spent the last decade both as a manager and sales rep for the Vitamix Corporation, bringing the Vitamix across the country with live demonstrations – interacting, laughing and learning with Canadians from the Maritimes to the Rockies and everywhere in between. As a TSC guest for almost three years, Nick has brought the Vitamix into even more Canadian homes with his charismatic energy and quick wit.

As the homemaker in his family (which is a role he relishes), Nick loves to cook and makes a pretty mean risotto. He plays hockey twice a week and picks up his guitar often enough to still play a gig every now and then – but lately there have been a lot more board game nights than late nights out-on-the-town.

With his performance background, sales experience and on-air guest familiarity at TSC, a host position is the outcome of 15 years of preparation and hard work. It's a dream come true for Nick and he is so grateful for the opportunity.

Nick can't wait for you to welcome him into your home so that together you can build a lasting relationship for years to come and share some laughs along the way!