Inspired by the women in her family and motivated by her two beautiful boys Magnus and Elijah, Tanya Yanaky strives every day to live her life with kindness, passion and love. It's no wonder she once received a congeniality award. Born of English and Macedonian roots, Tanya was born and raised in Toronto, Ont., but has spent as much of her life travelling throughout Europe, North Africa and Thailand and names Estonia and Switzerland as some of her favourite destinations.

Before joining the TSC family 13 years ago, Tanya worked in theatre and film, and was part of an international performing arts tour group called "Up With People." Once back in Ont., she auditioned for a live Rogers cable series called "T.O. on the Go" covering live events around the city, but it wasn't long before producers took notice of her on-air magnetism and she was on her way to audition — and later land a hosting gig with TSC.

With a love of art and a knack for design, Tanya spends a lot of time shopping for beautiful items for her home. She enjoys creating warm and comfortable spaces — both visually and mentally — inside and out. She shares a love for Canadian art with her husband and marks big birthdays and celebrations with an inspirational new painting.

Considered organized and detailed by her peers, Tanya is known as the zany middle daughter of three who loves learning new and interesting facts every day. When she's not at TSC, she's either spending quality time with her family or busy exercising — it's her saviour! She once bicycled across Canada (over 7800km) and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. She loves being up in Northern Ontario during the summer and is currently daydreaming about her next big travel adventure.