Product Overview
What it is:
The perfect essential kit to hydrate and refresh the body before or after a workout/yoga session, and throughout the day. This kit was inspired by the philosophy of yoga:  All products are made from an organic Chai tea infusion selected for its rebalancing action and antioxidant powers. The fragrances of each product are light, fresh and contain no alcohol. They remind the natural scents of the nature.

Who it is for:
Dermatologically tested. All skin types, including very dry and chapped. Also perfect for men.

What it does:
Body Wipes:
2 in 1 cleanses refreshes. Made from 100% biodegradable natural soft fibers, the shower sheet refreshes the body instantly, cleansing and perfuming the skin while you’re on the go and showering is not an option. Contains over 90% antioxidant Organic Black Tea infusion, extracts of aloe, ginger and Melaleuca alternifolia to purify, nourish and create a sensation of perfumed wellbeing for the skin. 98% natural origin ingredients. Vegan Formula.

Effective yet ultra-delicate, the deodorant guarantees all-day freshness and wellbeing, thanks to a slow-release menthol complex that controls perspiration plus an “anti-odour” agent free from aluminium salts. Extracts of ginger and turmeric protect the skin’s natural hydration levels, leaving it soft and smooth. Alcohol-free and with a hypoallergenic fragrance, the deodorant can also be used after depilation.

Body Mist:
Immerse yourself in harmonious notes of citrus fruit infused with aniseed, fine woods and tea leaves. Breathe in the freshness of the 3-in-1 formula that perfumes, hydrates and refreshes with antioxidant, protective organic Indian black tea infusion. A wellbeing elixir with no alcohol; also suitable for delicate skin.

Hand/Body Cream:
This quickly absorbed cream forms a protective barrier while instantly soothing the hands, leaving them soft, smooth, and non-greasy. The formula is enriched with a natural sanitizing complex made using tea tree oil, ginger extract and nisin, an innovative, bio-fermented peptide that helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences. Organic Black Tea infusion, tested against pollution and oxidative stress, protects the skin from external agents and frequent washing, while shea butter nourishes and prevents dryness and chapping.

What is included:
• Teaology Yoga Care Breathe Body Mist (100ml)—valued at $24.50
• Teaology Yoga Care Balance Natural Deoderant (40ml)—valued at $14.95
• Teaology Yoga Care Clean Hand & Body Cream (75ml)—valued at $14.00
• Teaology Yoga Care Purity Shower Body Wipes (3 Units)—valued at $5.55

*As offered for sale separately 
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