Product Overview
What it is:
Ahuhu Hyaluron Hydro Shampoo:
A refreshing clean! Enjoy this hydrating shampoo for all hair types rich in moisturizing ingredients. 

Ahuhu Hyaluron Hydro Intensive Care:
This rich Ahuhu Hyaluron Hydro Intensive Care hair mask intensively moisturizes and cares for the hair without weighing it down and helps ensure a silky shine for all hair types. The ahuhu extract supports your hair from the root to the tips. It makes your hair noticeably easier to manage and style.

Who it is for: 
The products in this kit are suitable for all ages and all hair types, especially for dry hair.

What it does:
Ahuhu Hyaluron Hydro Shampoo:
• Features hyaluronic acid to clean your hair and help provide long-lasting moisture
• Also contains ahuhu extract, a moisturizing complex of sugar beet and corn, wheat protein, vitamin B3, bamboo extract, allantoin, panthenol and shea butter
• Allantoin, panthenol and shea butter help provide intensive care and long-lasting moisture
• Can give dry hair more shine and smoothness
• Vegan formulation is free of silicones and parabens

Ahuhu Hyaluron Hydro Intensive Care:
• Intensive, hydrating hair treatment with hyaluronic acid can help bring luminous shine to your hair
• Special formulation also contains ahuhu extract, chestnut extract, bamboo extract, SymbioQuat, panthenol, vitamin E, shea butter and natural moisturizing factors 
• Chestnut extract and panthenol care for your hair and hair colour
• Special moisturizing complex helps provide lasting moisture and helps protect hair from drying out
• Helps strengthen hair and helps reduce breakage 
• Vegan formulation is free of silicones and parabens

What is included:
• Ahuhu Hyaluron Shampoo (500 ml)—valued at $29.99 (equivalent value to 2x Hyaluron Shampoo, 200 ml)
• Ahuhu Hyaluron Intensive Care (250 ml)—valued at $39.99

*As offered for sale separately.

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