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Travel organized and in style with this gorgeous, five-piece metallic packing cube set from Heys! Made from soft and supple metallized polyurethane, it's durable yet lightweight and has a unique metallic effect. With these cubes, you can organize your packing while saving space, and you'll never open up a suitcase and have things spill out, making a mess. The cubes allow for compact, organized packing, as well as organized unpacking. Avoid unhygienic hotel drawers and dressers by keeping your clothes in the cubes when you unpack, and you can also use the cubes to pack away your laundry, keeping it separate from your fresh clothes while you travel.

• Organize by colour for different family members, or by size, or to keep specific things in one container, e.g, accessories or small bits of technology, wires, chargers, etc.
• Composition: polyurethane
• Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3" (small), 9" x 13" x 3" (small/medium), 15" x 11" x 3" (medium), 16.5" x 12" x 3" (medium/large), 19" x 14.5" x 3" (large)
• Weight: 4.6 oz (small), 5.2 oz (small/medium), 6.5 oz (medium), 7.3 oz (medium/large), 9 oz (large)

• Heys Small Metallic Packing Cube
• Heys Small/Medium Metallic Packing Cube
• Heys Medium Metallic Packing Cube
• Heys Medium/Large Metallic Packing Cube
• Heys Large Metallic Packing Cube

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day return policy through TSC.

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