Product Overview
Say you're out and about, minding your own business, or having a good time, or looking for a little fun and adventure. And accompanying you on this journey, whatever it is, is your favourite electronic device, but just at the worst possible moment, you discover that said device is about to die and there's nary an outlet to be found. Dilemma! Panic! What to do?

Simple. Just connect it to the Rush Charge—a portable, 3,000-mAh charger—and problem solved! Its compact design allows for easy carrying and storage, and its three built-in connectors (Lightning, micro-USB and USB type C) offer a wide range of charging options. And the convenience doesn't end there, oh no—it even comes pre-charged and ready to go, so you can stay powered up right out the box! Charging the Rush Charge itself is also easy: simply plug it into any USB-compatible port using the convenient built-in USB charging cable.

Rush Charge makes charging your mobile devices seamless. This powerful 3,000-mAh universal charger is ready to solve your last-minute portable power problems, and it's available at a great value through TSC!

• Lightning tip: iPhones, iPads (not Pro), AirPods, iPods, and some Beats headphones and speakers 
• USB-C tip: Android smartphones from 2018 or later, Facebook Oculus, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro
• Micro-USB tip: Android smartphones from 2017 or earlier, most smaller electronics such as Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth keyboards, and handheld games, etc.
• Integrated Bluetooth earbuds allow you to move freely and listen to your favourite tunes
• Earbuds fit comfortably and come with small, medium and large earpieces
• Patented pass-through technology; one cord simultaneously charges the Rush Charge and the device plugged into it
• Auto-shut off helps prolong battery life
• LED indicator lights to indicate the remaining battery life
• Multiple devices can be charged at the same time (e.g., RC buds charger, personal device, Bluetooth earbuds)
• Dimensions: 2.56"L x 2.69"W x 0.56"D
• Weight: 4 oz

• Rush Charge 3,000 mAh Charger
• Built-Iin Earbuds
• Manual

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 60-day warranty through the manufacturer.

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