Product Overview
What it is:
BeyondBarre is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that combines a rock-solid height-adjustable ballet barre for strengthening and sculpting with a fun gliding surface - allowing you to "ice skate" your way to better cardio health. Add to that toning resistance bands for a total-body workout that cannot be matched. When not in use, the BeyondBarre folds for easy storage, simply remove the barre and conveniently slide the unit beneath a bed or stand upright in a closet.

Who it is for:
This system is suitable for everyone.

What it does:
Barre exercises will help sculpt and lean the legs. Resistance band moves will help tone and strengthen the arms, and the gliding surface will burn calories and help build cardio endurance. From beginner to advanced, you will be challenged, you will get stronger and you will have fun!

What is included:
• BeyondBarre Home Workout System (53" x 24") with Adjustable Stability Tubes
• 2 Booties
• 2 Resistance Bands
• 3 DVD Collection (beginner, intermediate, & advanced)
• Exercise Chart
• Meal Plan
• Owner's Manual

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