Product Overview

What it is:
HydrExtreme is a unique botanical hydrating serum that is clinically proven to outperform hyaluronic Acid. In a double blind study, HydrExtreme was found to deliver more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid immediately, and after 24 hours.

The reusable silicone eye masks will fast become your favourite skin care product. Designed to form an occlusive layer that forces the actives in your treatment products into the deeper layers of your skin.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature.  

What it does: 
The unique mechanism by which HydrExtreme works delivers long-lasting, 360 degree hydration. The sugar in the cassia angustifolia binds with the water already in your skin, while glycerin attracts moisture from the atmosphere and locks it into your skin. The result is uber hydrated, soft, and velvetty-smooth skin.

What is included:
• Consonant HydrExtreme Hydration Booster (10 ml)—valued at $72
• Consonant Reusable Silicone Eye Mask—valued at $20 

*As offered for sale separately 
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