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What it is:
Schinoussa sea vegetables is an algae based super food. It's nature's multivitamin and weight management support. Great green super drink for overall health and wellness.

Who is it for: 
This product is for anyone aged 15 to 90.

What it does: 
Provides real food source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants in highly absorbable form. 98% bio available versus 10% synthetic vitamin supplement. Buying this over other because of noticeable health benefits, all natural, healthier and safer than synthetic products.

What else you need to know:
The superior selection of sea vegetables come from the most pristine waters available. Canada, US and Greece are the source for this naturally organic super food. These nutrient rich environments and pureness provide the worlds perfect food.

What it includes:
• (2) Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Super Food Berry Antioxidant (270g each)—valued at $56.99 each

*As offered for sale separately

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