Product Overview
What it is:
A duo of plant-based liver & kidney support.

Who it is for:

These products are suitable for anyone ages 15

What it does: 
Traditional Chinese medicine known to benefit kidney & liver health and rejuvenation. Maintain a healthy kidney & liver that will cleanse, purify, rejuvenate & restore.

Kidney Cleanse may help with:
• Reduce inflammation 
• Provide antioxidant protection 
• Optimize kidney function
• Remove water waste o Fight kidney infection & bacteria 
• Increase urine flow

Liver Cleanse may help with: 
• Improve 500 functions 
• Wash, flush & cleanse liver cells 
• Improve nutrient production & detox function o Minimize liver liver disease.

What is included:
• Schinoussa ENA Kidney Cleanse (500 ml)—valued at $45.99
• Schinoussa ENA Liver Cleanse (500 ml)—valued at $45.99


*As offered for sale separately 

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