Product Overview
What it is:
Get ready to empower your shower! The Voesh Vitamin C shower filter brings the spa to your bathroom with skin-loving ingredients and pleasant scents that help you escape into your own little world. This clean, refreshing scent will have you dreaming of a seaside walk on the beach, with the cool, crisp ocean breeze caressing your skin. 

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all skin types.

What it does:
Vitamin C removes residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water to rejuvenate your skin and condition your hair, one shower at a time! Vegan probiotics strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier, while oatmeal powder softens and soothes for healthy, glowing skin. This shower filter gives a whole new meaning to clean!

What is included:
• Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter- Clean Ocean (70g)
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