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What it is:
This Day cream is a hard-working cream that is extra firming yet exceptionally hydrating. The Night Cream is Elizabeth Grant’s answer to skin that is starting to wrinkle and slacken. Collagen and Torricelumn™ unite with a potent concentrate of peptides and proteins. The concentrate is a miracle worker on saggy looking skin by helping to return skin to its youthful appearance.

Who it is for:
This set is suitable for all skin types. 

What it does: 
Collagen Re-inforce 3D Day Cream With Carnosine:
All day the hydration levels are boosted and replenished providing exceptional nourishment. Loaded with collagen, sodium hyaluronate, Torricelumn™, and peptides helping to firm and tone the appearance of the skin. The multifunctional carnosine peptide adds an extra layer of protection as it helps protect the skin from sun damage while offering anti-glycation protection to the collagen proteins making the skin bloom with a new strength as it appears smoother and look years younger. 

Collagen Re-inforce 3D Night Cream With Carnosine: 
Each treatment targets the skin’s natural resilience, improving the look of firmness and decelerating the visible look of aging skin. Loaded with five forms of collagen, sodium hyaluronate, peptides and Torricelumn™, Elizabeth Grant’s superior moisturizing compound and the multifunctional carnosine peptide, this deep skin strengthening and repair treatment works all night, building resilience and helping to firm and tone the skin. 

Collagen Re-inforce 3D Miracle Concentrate With Carnosine: 
Collagen is vital for firmer and younger looking skin. The Collagen 3D Miracle Concentrate with Carnosine contains a concentrate of marine collagen and peptides to help visibly strengthen the skin, Torricelumn™ to help plump and smooth the appearance of the skin through its moisturizing properties and carnosine to help slow down the process of glycation. This lightweight, concentrated skin strengthening serum helps maintain the appearance of skin so that it looks stronger and smoother.

What is included:
• Collagen Re-Inforce 3D Day Cream with Carnosine (50 ml)—valued at $80.00
• Collagen Re-Inforce 3D Night Cream with Carnosine (50 ml)—valued at $90.00
• Collagen Re-Inforce 3D Miracle Concentrate with Carnosine (90 ml)—valued at $160.00

*As offered for sale separately
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