Product Overview
The Grill Time Fire Starter Gel is 100 percent sugar-cane-based ethanol, with no chemical or petroleum additives. The gel is non-combustible and doesn't give off any chemical smells or flavoursm, and it's used to start the Time-to-Grill Natural Charcoal. A small circular bead is placed on the starter plate (or gel plate) beneath the charcoal container, and is then lit with a lighter. The charcoal canister is placed on top of the lit gel plate. The gel will burn for about four to five minutes, just long enough for the charcoal to ignite. This versatile gel can also be used while camping as a fire starter—no more dangerous newspaper embers floating around your campsite!

• For outdoor use
• Sugar cane ethanol burns clean
• No lighter fluid taste or smell is added to your cooking

• Grill Time Fire Starter Gel (6 oz)

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

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