Product Overview
What it is: 
A revolutionary, lightweight, multi-functional, full-coverage concealer containing Dr. Perricone’s powerful skin care technologies to help deliver the appearance of flawless, dramatically younger-looking skin.

Who it is for:

No Makeup Concealer is for anyone who has skin imperfections, anyone who has had trouble finding just the right shade of concealer, and anyone who wants to help achieve a more youthful look to their appearance.

What it does:
No Makeup Concealer is in a league of its own because it helps neutralize the toughest of problems without the heavy, cakey feel of a full coverage concealer.  Long-wearing and crease-proof No Makeup Concealer helps to neutralize dark under-eye circles, age spots, blemishes, rosacea, birth marks, uneven lip lines, old scars, bruises, redness, and discolorations. You can also use No Concealer to give the appearance of a lifted brow, wider, larger eyes, a narrower nose and lifted cheekbones. No Concealer Concealer contains 3 of Dr. Perricone’s most powerful Neuropeptides along with his Vitamin C Ester, DMAE and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the visible signs of aging.

What is included:

• Perricone MD No Makeup Concealer (9 g)
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