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What it is:
Now featuring a beautiful Citrus-Vanilla blend of essential oils. The all-new Kalaya Hydrating Hand Cream is Dermatologist Tested, and designed to hydrate the delicate skin of your hands, and to help keep your hands looking naturally soft and supple for the entire day. Professionally designed and formulated with Anti Aging ingredients like Marula Oil, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera to keep your hands looking and feeling young, while leaving no residue.

Who it is for:

This product is suitable for everyone. 

What it does:
The all-new Dermatologist Tested, Kalaya Hydrating Hand Cream is a unique formulation that uses natural Coconut Oil, Marula Oil, and Aloe Vera to create the most hydrating, cosmetically elegant, and effective Hand Creams to come to market. Coconut Oil infuses the skin with moisture, Marula Oil protects the skin from the elements and reduces redness, and Aloe Vera provides soothing relief and hydration to the delicate skin of the hands. This trifecta of prestige ingredients are professionally formulated in a cream that leaves no residue, and a soothing hydrated feeling all day and night.

What is included:
• Kalaya Hand Cream Duo (120 ml)—valued at $17.00 each

*As offered for sale separately
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