Product Overview

What it is:
This is a unique clay-to-foam volumizing cleansing scrub that helps to remove product buildup from the hair and scalp. It's an all-encompassing deep cleanse formula that can be added to your current hair care regimen.

Scent descriptions:
• Coco-Nutty - kenari nuts, bananas, coconut, almonds, oats and honey

Amber vanilla: the original, signature scent, amber, vanilla fresh cream, almond milk, & honey
• Matcha Love - matcha, pistachio, lemon-chia and coconut
• Bamboo-Green Tea - bamboo, matcha green tea, coconut & mint
• Jatamansi Root - "plumpkin spice" wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, jatamansi root and cinnamon
• HoneyLux - "sweet honey mud" a blend of sweet raw honey, royal jelly, Tuscan wild flowers, Himalayan robina, Hawaiian kiawe, glacier clay and amber vanilla
• Yogi-Berry: Pink dragon fruit, almond milk, maqui, acai, blueberries & bananas
• Above the Clouds: wild lilac, vanilla, nice cream

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all hair types and ideal for fine, dull hair. 

What it does:
This scrub helps to create volume from the roots for the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without weighing it down. It also helps gently exfoliate and remove product buildup, absorb excess oil, as well as clarify and revitalize the scalp. This scrub also helps to soften and add shine, as well as preserve and enhance your hair colour.

What is is included:
• Cleansing Volumizing Scrub (16 oz.)

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