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The Pilates Pro Chair has the power to give you a great workout and is a fantastic way to stay in shape! The split-step pedal system allows you to work your arms and legs individually or together, and the adjustable spring system lets you switch up the resistance, making this an ideal choice for beginners and fitness fanatics alike. Its compact design fits into living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms and home gyms, so you can easily enjoy a workout on your own schedule. It also includes the brand's sculpting handles. Here's a quick look at some of the benefits.

Works the core in balance:
The chair allows you to focus on the areas of the body you want to work most: abs, waistline, hips, thighs, and butt. At the same time, you’ll chisel your shoulders and arms, and strengthen your entire back.

Provides cardio benefits:
When performed in a quick, flowing motion, the chair can deliver a cardio workout while strengthening your core.

Improves functional strength: 
The chair workout trains your body to perform everyday activities with ease and agility.

Provides a full-body workout: 
To perform the movements properly, your entire body will be engaged during each exercise.

Enjoy a smart and versatile way to experience the benefits of Pilates in your own home with the Pilates PRO Chair, available at a great value through TSC! It's sure to become a favourite in your fitness routine!

What else you need to know:
• Adjustable springs offer smooth and fluid resistance
• Perfect for beginners and fitness fanatics alike
• Composition: steel
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
• Dimensions: 25"L x 31"W x 23"H
• Care: wipe with a clean cloth
• Made in China

What is included:
• Pilates Pro Chair—valued at $349.99
• Pilates Pro Chair Sculpting Handles—valued at $133.99
• (6) Workout DVDs
• Step-by-Step Healthy Eating Guide
• Instructional Exercise Poster

*As offered for sale separately 

Warranty Information:

This product comes with a 6-month limited warranty through the manufacturer.
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