Product Overview
What it is:
The perfect delicious snack for when you need something small but filling to curb your hunger or cravings for traditional sweet treats. Perfect for when you're on the go! Travel, work or gym.

**Please note: Since these bars have no preservatives or processed ingredients, refrigeration is required to maintain the optimal freshness, consistency, texture, shape and flavour of the products.

Who it is for:
Those who often get hit with afternoon hunger at work. Those who are always on the run and frequently have to delay their lunch or dinner. Those who feel guilty after meal & dessert indulging.

What it does:
Instantly curbs your cravings. Gives you alert energy without the sugar crash. A dairy free snack that taste incredible. The REAL chocolate will take care of your sweet tooth and the superfood base will give you energy to help you make it through the afternoon slump that we can sometimes feel. Made with amazing guilt-free ingredients; real food that is worth putting in your body. Real Chocolate, Vegan, 100% Organic, Low Sugar, Gluten-Free.

What is included:
• Mid-Day Squares High Protein Chocolate Bar - Fudge Yah 12-Pack

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