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You're run down. Can't see straight. Your body is rapidly descending through the various circles of Dante's hell. Face it compadre, you've got the flu. The most you'll accomplish today is sending a feeble "I'm sick" email to your boss. Or is it? If you've stocked up on Flu Fighter Cold Flu tea, your immune system may find the strength to get up and face the day. Using antioxidant-rich green tea as its base, this nourishing mélange comes packed with a host of flu-fighting natural wonders. 

Let's start with echinacea. A staple of over-the counter flu remedies, this woodland flower has been used by indigenous peoples for millennia and is thought to boost your body's white blood cell count to fight off infections. Next, elderberries and rosehips, both loaded with the Vitamin C your body needs to repair and restore your immune system.

• Ingredients: green tea, echinacea, elderberries, rosehip, mango, goji berries, sage, raspberry pieces, natural flavors (organic compliant)
• Shelf life: 7 years sealed, 2 years once opened

• Castle and Fables Flu Fighter - Cold & Flu* (choice of 30-day or 90-day supply) 
*Standard TSC Warranty

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