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Experience the superior cutting performance of Cobra knives. These high-quality kitchen knives are the top choice of professionals everywhere who seek precision and durability. 

Thanks to Cobra, this craftsmanship is now available to home chefs like you. The 8-inch chef' s knife is truly versatile. Dice an onion, slice sage, cube
butternut squash, supreme an orange, or cut up an entire chicken. 

The 5.5-inch prep knife is the home chef's best friend. It can peel and chop vegetables and fruit, like cucumbers and apples, slice meat like pepperoni, and artisanal cheeses like French brie. It can also be used for tasks that require precision such as deveining shrimp. 

The 3.5-inch paring knife is best for peeling fruits and vegetables and other intricate work such as removing seeds, skinning, or cutting small garnishes. You can peel a lemon for zest, remove its skin, and use as a garnish.

A sturdy bolster balances the knives and prevents hand fatigue, while full tang construction allows for increased control and best leverage during use. The tang is held firmly in place by double rivets.

• Hand-forged with Japanese high-carbon stainless steel
• Distinct Cobra texture creates air pockets when slicing, for effortless cutting
• Cobra texture creates a nonstick effect for fast, efficient cleanup
• Care: wash in warm, soapy water, and then dry thoroughly
• Warranty: comes with a one year warranty through the manufacturer 

• 8" Chef knife
• 5.5" Prep knife
• 3.5" Paring knife

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