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This 2022 Sea Otter $20 fine silver coin is the newest coin in a highly popular series including the 2020 Canadian Horse and 2021 Grey Wolf. Both earlier coins sold out immediately from the Royal Canadian Mint and appreciated in value in the secondary market. This new coin features a yin-and-yang design using selective gold-and-black rhodium with a striking effect to showcase the two sea otters floating on their backs. The theme of balance is well matched to the sea otters who work hard, but also make time to float arm-in-arm (or rather, paw-in-paw) with a loved one.

Two adult sea otters are positioned in a way that represents opposite but complementary concepts, such as work and rest/play. Yellow gold and black rhodium plating clearly divide the design into two halves in order to highlight the importance of achieving balance in life, but also in nature, where the sea otter's reintroduction to Canada's Pacific coast has had a big impact on the marine ecosystem. The obverse features the gold-plated effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Once hunted to the point of extinction on Canada's Pacific coast, the sea otter has been reintroduced to its former habitat, where its appetite keeps sea urchin populations in check—this, in turn, helps to protect the kelp forests that are home to hundreds of other species. It's all about balance, which is beautifully represented in this coin's dual-plated design.  

• Mintage: 6,500
• GST/HST exempt

• 2022 $20 The Sea Otter Black Rhodium and Gold Plated Fine Silver Coin

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.
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