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This four-part collection features the complete Moments to Hold coin set issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2021. Each five-dollar coin is struck in a quarter-ounce of fine silver with designs and colourful packaging which combine to tell the story of Canada. Designs include the Canadian Coat of Arms, a red-and-white national colours flag coin, the maple leaf arboreal emblem, and the iconic Snowbirds. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

• Mintage: 100,000
• Diameter: 27 mm
• Weight: 1/4 oz fine silver
• GST/HST exempt

Arms of Canada
In 1921, Canada was assigned its most distinguished emblem: the Arms of Canada. Few symbols or icons carry as much historic and symbolic weight as the armorial bearings, for even on its centennial, Canada's coat of arms remains a timeless symbol of sovereignty and tradition. It inspires pride by reminding us of our identity and history wherever the emblem appears, from passports to proclamations, and now, on this fine silver coin.

The 100th Anniversary of Canada's National Colours
2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Canada's national colours, red and white (as proclaimed by King George V in 1921), and what better way to celebrate these than with an extraordinary flag display on this five-dollar fine silver coin? From sporting events to the sea of red and white that flows through the streets on Canada Day, our national colours and flag are how we show our patriotism and national pride.

There are over 500,000 shades of red but only one appears on Canada's flag. The exact colour value was recommended by a team of scientists at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), who tested and analyzed different fabric dyes before determining the most durable shade of red. This was the first time that international colour standards were applied to a national flag—a world first that happened in Canada!

Did you know?
• The red-and-white maple leaf flag has been the national flag of Canada since 1965
• In the words of John Ross Matheson, MP and leader of the parliamentary flag committee, it took "many loving hands" to finalize the flag's design, which was inspired by Canada's national colours

25th Anniversary of Canada's Arboreal Emblem
Although the maple leaf has served as a symbol of Canada since long before Confederation, it has only been 25 years since the iconic symbol was adopted as an official national emblem. This 2021 five-dollar quarter-ounce fine silver coin marks the 25th anniversary of the maple leaf as our arboreal emblem, and features three sugar maple leaves beneath the text "Canada." The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Can you name all 10 Canadian maple species? 
They are: mountain maple, Douglas maple, vine maple, sugar maple, black maple, Manitoba maple, red maple, silver maple, striped maple and bigleaf maple. You'll find at least one of these 10 Canadian maple species growing wild in each province. If you're trying to identify a Canadian maple based on leaf shape, all but one species have simple leaves with between three and nine pointed lobes. The Manitoba maple is the only one with compound leaves (leaves divided into separate leaflets) that more closely resemble ash leaves.

The Snowbirds
The Royal Canadian Mint salutes the Snowbirds as they celebrate their 50th consecutive airshow season across North America. Formed in 1971 to demonstrate the skill, professionalism and teamwork inherent in the Canadian Forces, the Snowbirds carry on a proud tradition of aerial excellence that dates back to the early years of powered flight in Canada. Their eminent predecessors include aerobatic teams such as the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) first official aerobatic team in 1929, the Siskins, followed by many others including the Blue Devils, Sky Lancers, Red Knights, Golden Hawks and Golden Centennaires to name a few. In the post-war years prior to unification in 1968, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) also formed several aerobatic teams including the Seafire Exhibition Flight and Grey Ghosts.

The genesis of the Snowbirds took place in early 1971 when the base commander of CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Colonel O. B. Philp, decided to form a seven-plane airshow team to carry on the legacy of the Golden Centennaires which he had commanded in 1967 during Canada's centennial year. Initially flown by instructors at two Canadian Forces flying training schools, the team expanded to nine aircraft in 1972 and soon competitive tryouts were held for pilot volunteers from across Canada, such was the popularity of the new team. The Snowbirds were granted permanent status as a new squadron in the Canadian Forces on April 1, 1978 when they officially became known as 431 (Air Demonstration) Squadron.
Snowbirds pilots are all volunteers, as are the majority of the squadron's technicians and support staff. Competitive flying tryouts are carried out each year to select new team pilots, with half of the team normally changing each year. Over the years, squadron members have represented every province in Canada and all of Canada's services—the RCAF, RCN, Canadian Army and the Reserves.

Over 150 million spectators across North America have watched a live performance by the Snowbirds over the last 50 years in some 2,700 official airshows at 380 different towns and cities. Hundreds more flypasts have been flown at every major outdoor event in Canada, from Canada Day on Parliament Hill to the Olympics to the Grey Cup.

During their typical six-month airshow season, Snowbirds team members will attend three to four public-relations events per week, signing thousands of autographs over the course of the season. The team has a long-established tradition of never leaving an autograph session until every person has received a signed brochure. As role models for the youth of Canada, they have proven particularly adept at motivating and inspiring children through school and hospital visits, encouraging them to stay in school, avoid drugs and pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. The Snowbirds are official ambassadors for the C.H.I.L.D. Foundation (Children with Intestinal and Liver Disorders), flying a special show for them every summer.
• Complete 4-Coin Set 2021 $5 Arms of Canada Pure Silver Coin

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.


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