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The feature of this two-coin set is the 2018 $50 Stormy Night Foxes' Den five-ounce fine silver coin, which combines beautiful art, a concave shape creating the impression of looking out from inside the foxes' den, glow-in-the-dark special effects, and a low mintage of just 1,500. Added to this is a TSC-exclusive bonus 2017 $10 fine silver Wild Swift Fox and Pups coin, to complete the showcase of Canada's foxes.

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2018 $50 Stormy Night Foxes' Den
On a dark and stormy night, the wrath of the skies can be both fearsome and captivating to curious onlookers, even animal ones. The reverse design by Derek Wicks captures the mesmerizing nature and raw intensity of a thunderstorm, as seen from a fox's perspective. For a more immersive viewing experience, the concave shape presents a tunnel-like view of the nighttime storm from inside an underground burrow. Here, the luminous shine of the coin's silver surface mimics the effect of flash illumination across the entrance of the fox den, which is lined with an engraved tangle of underground roots and rocks. 
• Mintage: 1,500
• Diameter: 60 mm
• Weight: 5 oz fine silver

2017 $10 Wild Swift Fox
This $10 fine silver coin showcases an endearing image of the Wild Swift Fox and Pups, and represents the province of Saskatchewan. The coin is double dated "1867–2017" with a $10 denomination and weighs just over a half-ounce of pure silver. 
• Mintage: 25,000
• Weight: just over 1/2 oz pure silver
• $50 Foxes' Den Concave Glow Pure Silver Coin 2018 - Stormy Night

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.
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