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This 1914 Canadian $10 gold coin is one of the highest-quality surviving examples from a group of $5 and $10 coins which were held as part of Canada's national gold reserves since they were minted 100 years ago. It has been certified by PCGS, the largest and most respected independent third-party grading service in the world, as Very Choice Mint State 64 . It has also been designated as coming from Canada's national gold reserves. 

From 1912 to 1914, the government of Canada produced $5 and $10 gold coins for circulation in Canada and for trade with the United States. The coins used gold from the Canadian Klondike, and were designed to be equal in size and weight with the popular American coins of the same denominations to allow for easy use in international trade. Each 22-karat coin contains just under a half-ounce of pure gold and features the original Canadian coat-of-arms in use in 1914, and an effigy of King George V.

The coins saw limited circulation, and with the start of the First World War in 1914, the coin program was cancelled. For close to 100 years, many of these first Canadian $5 and $10 gold coins sat in their original canvas bags, forming a part of Canada's national gold reserves. However, several years ago some of these coins were transferred to the Royal Canadian Mint and made available to collectors. This item is one of the highest-quality coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint.  

• 1914 $10 Gold Coin, PCGS Certified MS-64

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