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This large 2022 $30 fine silver coin is an inspiring celebration of Canada. Struck in two ounces of fine silver with a 50 mm diameter, the intricate engraving showcases diverse elements of Canada's natural beauty and vast wilderness. Mountains, prairies, forests and iconic wildlife are part of the staggering beauty that defines our nation, and these elements meld together to form a single vision of "home" on this exceptional coin.

Canada is the third-most forested country in the world, with 347 million hectares of forest covering 38 percent of our country's total land area. Canada has more lake area than any other country in the world. The five Great Lakes that straddle the Canada/United States border are some of the largest lakes in the world, but many of our largest bodies of water are located in Northern Canada—that's where you'll find our longest river, the Mackenzie River (4,241 km long), and the largest lake wholly within Canada, Great Bear Lake.

The bird appearing on the coin is the Canada jay (also known as the grey jay or whisky jack). It is a year-round resident of our boreal forests and can be found in every Canadian province and territory. 

• Mintage: 5,000
• Diameter: 50 mm 
• Weight: 2 oz fine silver
• GST/HST exempt


• 2022 $30 Vision of Canada Fine Silver Coin

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through the manufacturer.
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