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This 2017 $200 gold coin combines one ounce of the purest .99999 fine gold with an iconic image of a Canadian elk and an exceptionally low mintage of just 400 pieces. The reverse design by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc features the right side-profile of a majestic elk. Highly detailed engraving captures the beauty and strength of this majestic Canadian species including the texture of its furry mane. Its formidable antlers are prominently displayed as the mature bull lifts its heavy head towards the sky to release its high-pitched roar, which is represented by the rounded sound waves that fill the proof background. Also engraved on the reverse are the words "Canada" and "fine gold 99999 1 oz or pur."

The bugle of a male elk or wapiti is an unforgettable call of the wild that, once heard, leaves little doubt of its strength and authority in the Canadian wilderness. This magnificent species is highly vocal at all times, but more so during the fall rutting season, when the bull's loud cry reverberates across the landscape.

• Mintage: 400
• Weight: 1 oz fine gold
• GST/HST exempt

• 2017 Proof Pure Gold $200 Elk Coin

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day warranty through the manufacturer.
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