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This high-quality "type collection" presents all 10 different denominations and major types of Canadian coinage issued during the reign of King George V from 1911 to 1936, from the cent coin to the gold five-dollar coin. The highlights of the collection include a superb uncirculated original five-dollar gold coin issued from 1912 to 1914, and an uncirculated Canadian gold sovereign coin which was used for trade and in commerce as a four-dollar denomination. Other denominations include a silver dollar, silver 50 cents, silver 25 cents, silver 10 cents, silver five cents, five-cent nickel, large cent and small cent. The coins are all packaged in acrylic coin holders and displayed in two mahogany finish presentation cases.

Five-Dollar Gold Coin Denomination 

Five-dollar gold coins issued from 1912 to 1914 represent one of the shortest-lived and most sought-after denominations of Canadian coins. The design of this coin features the old Dominion of Canada coat-of-arms superimposed upon two boughs of maple. Initially introduced to facilitate trade with the United States by matching the size, weight and fineness of the popular US five-dollar gold coin, production of these coins was halted in 1914 when Canada adopted new wartime legislation to restrict the flow of gold. Struck in 22-karat gold, the five-dollar gold coin contains about a quarter-ounce of fine gold.

"C" Sovereign Gold Coin 
One of the first coins struck at Canada's new mint when it opened in 1908 was a one-pound gold coin with "C" mint mark below the design of Saint George and the Dragon. These coins were originally intended to facilitate trade with Britain, and were legal tender in Canada with a four-dollar value while also being legal tender in the UK for one pound. Canadian gold sovereign coins were produced only from 1908 to 1919.    

• Silver dollar: the reverse design features an Indigenous person and a voyageur paddling a canoe. In the canoe are bundles of goods; the bundles at the right are marked with "HB," representing the Hudson's Bay company. The vertical lines represent the aurora borealis. The obverse design features a portrait of King George V
• Half-dollar: imperial crowned portrait, maple wreath design
• Quarter: imperial state crowned portrait, maple leaf, large crown design
• Dime: imperial state crowned portrait, maple leaves design
• Five cent silver: imperial crowned portrait, 22 leaves design
• Nickel: imperial crowned, two maple leaves design
• Large cent: imperial state crowned portrait, small leaves design
• Small cent: imperial state crowned portrait, two leaves design

• High-Grade King George V 10-Piece Type Set

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