Product Overview
The H20 E3 is an effective, economical, and eco-safe multi-purpose cleaner. It is lab-proven to kill viruses and bacteria (including the virus that causes Covid-19) neutralizes odours, and is both child and pet safe. Using only salt and water, the H2O E3 natural cleaning system electrolyzes it to create S-water, which is an all purpose sanitizer, deodorizer and cleaner. The H2O E3 e-activator emits low levels of electricity, which break apart water and salt molecules to form two new powerful oxidants. One is a powerful cleaner that cuts through grease and grime; the other is a powerful deodorizer and sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses!*

The H2O E3 9-piece whole home natural cleaning system provides you with everything that you need to naturally and safely sanitize, deodorize, and clean your home from top to bottom, and anytime/anywhere when you're on the go! Get this system at showstopper value, available now at TSC!

•  The heart of the e3 system uses low voltage electrical current to electrolyze water and salt, and holds a full 450 ml of the H2O E3 cleaner-sanitizer cleaning solution
• Multi-purpose, the system can be used as either an e-sprayer or an e-mop
• The e-mop is the perfect cleaning tool for all the hard-to-clean places in your home
• With the ergonomic trigger and handle, you can comfortably spray powerful cleaner-sanitizer and maneuver the mop where you need it most
• With the dual function mop head, the coral finger side lifts and locks in dirt, while the microfibre side dries and polishes

• 450 ml E-Activator Bottle
• Measuring Spoon
• E-Sprayer Nozzle
• E-Sprayer Squeegee
• (2) Personal Sized E-Sprayer Bottles
• Spray Mop Pole and Handle with E-Activator Holder
• Adapter
• Double-Sided E-Mop Floor Pad (1 side has a microfibre pad and the other has a coral cloth pad)
• English/French Instructional Manual

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC and a 1-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

*Based upon lab-condition test results.

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