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Queen Elizabeth first appeared on Canadian $20 banknotes with the controversial and now highly sought-after 1954 Devil's Face issue through to the present. This three-piece collection features the first two major varieties of the first issue of notes featuring Her Majesty in 1954, together with the short-lived special commemorative issue of 2015 celebrating the longest reign of any British monarch. A bonus set of five postage stamps is also included. The 1954 notes are in lightly circulated (very fine to extremely fine condition) condition, while the 2005 issue is in near-perfect gem uncirculated condition. The banknotes come presented in archival Mylar currency holders.

1954 $20 Banknotes: Devil's Face and Modified Series
When Canada introduced a new series of banknotes in 1954, controversy arose almost immediately over the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. On the earliest of the 1954-issue notes, the highlighted areas of the Queen's hair produced the illusion of a leering devil's face behind her ear. The printing plates were promptly modified to darken the Queen's hair and eliminate the "devil." Since the devil's face $20 notes were only issued for about a year, they are much scarcer today than the modified portrait notes which were issued for about 14 years. In addition to both notes in this set being quality paper money collectibles, the devil's face note is a fun and fascinating conversation piece.  

• Front design: Queen Elizabeth II original young portrait
• Reverse design: Laurentians in winter

2015 $20 Banknotes
In the history of Canada, there have only been three commemorative special-issue banknotes ever issued. The first was the 1935 $25 bill issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reign of King George V. The second was 32 years later, with the centennial one-dollar note. And after another 48 years, the Bank of Canada released a commemorative-issue $20 note on September 9, 2015, the day on which Queen Elizabeth II's reign exceeded that of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, making her the longest-reigning sovereign in the nearly 1,000-year-long history of the British monarchy. The commemorative note features the regular modern image of Queen Elizabeth on the left, but includes a classic vintage image of Queen Elizabeth in the clear window on the right.

Karsh Portrait Postage Stamps
The Karsh photograph was originally commissioned for a Canadian postage stamp then modified for use by the Bank of Canada. This set includes all five postage stamps (one-, two-, three-, four-, and five-cent stamps) dating from 1953.

• Three-Piece Longest Reign $20 Collection

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