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This attractive and dynamic 2012 5 diners sterling silver coin features prismatic technology to create a unique perspective of the northern shoveler duck. Just as the brightly coloured plumage changes in the sunlight, the colours on the coin change as the coin is moved in the light. The coin has been issued by Andorra with a weight of 20 grams of sterling silver and an extremely low mintage of just 2,500.

The northern shoveler is a common and widespread duck. It breeds in northern areas of Europe and Asia and across most of North America, wintering in southern Europe, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia and central and northern South America. It is a rare vagrant to Australia. In North America, it breeds along the southern edge of Hudson Bay and west of this body of water, and as far south as the Great Lakes west to Colorado, Nevada and Oregon.

The distinctive northern shoveler derives its name from its large beak, which can be up to seven cenitmetres in length. The male has an iridescent green head, a white chest and rusty sides, and yellow eyes. The female is greyish-brown overall, and some feathers have light edging with darker centers. Its bill is olive-green with yellowish base and edges, and its eyes are brown.

• Mintage: 2,500
• Weight: 20 g sterling silver

• Northern Shoveler 5 Diners Sterling Silver Coin 2012

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.
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