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The NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS5i is ergonomically designed for a workout that feels like walking on air. The unique floating suspension system takes away the normal limits of a crank-connected pedal, so you control the length of your stride. Get the toning benefits of a stepper, the cardio benefits of a treadmill, and the total-body conditioning of an elliptical.

Attach your tablet to your machine with the integrated tablet holder so you can enjoy your favourite shows, music, and movies while you workout out. A sturdy bracket secures your tablet above the console so your entertainment doesn't interfere with your exercise.
Track your total calories burned and your workout progress on this large 7" backlit display. A wide viewing angle makes it easy to read your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned. Plus, you can see your progress on a visual, quarter-mile racetrack.
iFIT enabled: A revolutionary fitness brand, iFIT helps you get much more out of each workout. Integrating with NordicTrack machines, it allows you to automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps, train with Jillian Michaels, custom-tailor your workouts to your specific goals, and much more! Requires an iFit membership, sold separately.

Innovative floating suspension
An entirely new approach to fitness movement, the FreeStride Trainer FS5i gives the feeling of floating through your workout. Cushioned pedals ride on belts, rather than the traditional rails attached to the crank. The difference is total control of your stride length and an ergonomically designed stride path design that conforms to the way you move. That smooth, unattached rotation offers nearly zero impact.

Auto-adjustable stride
Combining the benefits of a stepper, a treadmill, and an elliptical into a single machine, the FreeStride Trainer FS5i offers a new level of versatility to your training. The floating stride mechanism ranges from short up-and-down steps to long, 38-inch strides. Changing workouts is as simple as altering your stride.
Onetouch™ console controls
With OneTouch controls, there's no need to interrupt your workout to manually adjust settings. At the touch of a button, you can shift between 22 resistance levels or adjust your incline between -10 and 10 degrees to target specific muscle groups and burn more calories.

Ergonomic features
The sensation of "floating through your workout" is enhanced by oversized, cushioned pedals. Ergonomically designed SoftTouch™ grips provide comfort that lasts through your entire workout.
Center drive
The center drive design reduces the frame size to about half the length of a traditional elliptical. Centering the drive mechanism in the middle of the machine also creates dependable stability.

0 - 10° power-adjustable incline

Adjust your stride angle to recruit different muscles. OneTouch controls easily adjust your incline from 0 to 10 degrees. Use incline and decline to target multiple muscle groups like thighs, calves, buns, and abs.

0 - 10° power-adjustable decline
Decline training helps you target specific muscle groups and replicate real-world terrain.
16 LB. inertia-enhanced flywheel
Engineered for incredibly smooth performance, this 16-pound, inertia-enhanced flywheel is precision-weighted and balanced to deliver a smooth, more natural ride, regardless of the length of your selected stride.

32 digital resistance levels
Intensify your workout by shifting through 32 resistance levels. Integrated OneTouch controls allow you to adjust resistance at the touch of a button so you don't have to scroll through options.
Integrated handle controls for ramp and resistance
Adjust resistance or the incline ramp without losing focus. Convenient controls are built into the workout arms so you can adjust your workout intensity while maintaining your stride and stability.
Softtouch™ upper body grips
Arm holds are attached to the stride rails so your arm movement comfortably complements your stride and engages your upper body.
Transport wheels
Quickly move the FreeStride Trainer FS5i with these front-mounted, built-in wheels.
Water bottle holder
Stay hydrated throughout your workout by keeping your water bottle close. This convenient water bottle holder is built-in for easy access.
Oversized cushion pedals
Whether you take small steps or long strides, extra long, extra wide pedals with grooved cushioning help you maintain great comfort and traction control for stable, relaxed movement.

• Stay completely cool with the oversized Autobreeze™ fan that automatically adjusts its speed to match the speed of your workout 
• You can also adjust settings manually
• Ipod®-compatible music port; iPod sold separately
• Get professional training with 32 preloaded workout programs designed by certified personal trainers
• Choose from calorie burning, intensity, and performance apps

• Nordictrack Freestride Trainer Fs5i Elliptical

Warranty information:
This product comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, two year warranty on parts, and one year warranty on labour. 
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