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The shimmering colours on this hologram coin are unmatched for their vibrant, changing beauty. They create the perfect canvas to capture the amicable character of the rabbit. Rabbits are soft, peace-loving creatures that live in tidy little burrows that quickly fill with offspring. The rabbit personality in the Chinese lunar calendar is remarkably similar; it loves beautiful things and is highly fertile in a symbolic sense. The rabbit has a knack for details; few things go unnoticed, including people's mistakes, but the good-hearted rabbit will only point them out if its own comfort is at stake. The compassionate rabbit is also quick and clever, and is only surpassed by the sheep for its sympathetic ear.

• Mintage: 4,888
• Theme: heart of harmony and inner peace

• 2011 $150 Year of the Rabbit Hologram Gold Coin

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.

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