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This 2014 $5 proof coin is struck in just over one-tenth of an ounce of pure gold, and features a three-quarter profile image of the bald eagle, its wide eye staring below its brow.  The eagle's feathers are engraved so as to give dimensional details to the feathers and the sharp contours of its hooked beak. The front of the coin is engraved with the word "Canada," the date "2014," and the face value of "5 dollars."

About the Bald Eagle
The great bald eagle is an amazing predator whose image has become synonymous with the notions of freedom, majesty, strength and individualism in North America. Eagles are renowned as much for their hunting skills, speed and strength as for their striking looks and size. This large, feathered raptor has a white-feathered head and tail, razor-sharp talons and sharp, hooked beak, and its vision is four times sharper than a human's, which is key to its hunting abilities.

• Mintage: 3,000

• 2014 $5 Bald Eagle Fine Gold

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.

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