Product Overview

What it is:  
This supplement provides support for digestion, gut health, IBS, and colitis. It also improves muscle recovery and strength using all-natural ingredients.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for those 12

What it does: 
• Non-GMO, plant-based, fermented L glutamine 
• Promotes muscle protein synthesis 
• Gluten free 
• Soy free 
• No taste 
• Easily dissolves in water 
• Features eight probiotics 
• Active lifestyle support 
• Supports immune health and gut health 
• Improves digestion 
• Improves lean muscle and muscle repair & growth 
• Supports brain health

What is included: 
• (2) Schinoussa Probiotic L-Glutamine (300g)—valued at $39.99 each

*As offered for sale separately


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