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This collection celebrates and commemorates the history of Canada with individual coins, coin sets, paper money and postage stamps marking the important anniversaries of Canadian Confederation and important events leading up to Canadian Confederation. The highlight of the collection is a 1967 six-coin set marking the 100th anniversary of Confederation presented in a premium mahogany-finish glass-top display case, together with coins, banknotes, medallions and stamps from Canada's significant anniversaries of Confederation. All the following items are included: 

100th Anniversary of Confederation (1967)
• 1967 centennial proof-like coin set from the cent to the silver dollar comes presented in a mahogany-finish case. In celebration of Canada's 100th birthday, the mint held a competition for special centennial coin designs. After receiving many submissions from artists across Canada, the mint panel selected the wildlife designs of the New Brunswick artist and sculptor, Alex Colville.
• 1967 brass medallion
• Both official 1967 $1 banknotes issued: In 1967, the celebration of Canada's 100th anniversary of Confederation was reflected in special one-dollar notes. This set includes both the note with regular serial numbers and the note with "1867 1967" instead of serial numbers.

125th Anniversary of Confederation (1992)
• This original set includes all 12 commemorative quarters, together with the 1992 commemorative dollar coin featuring children in front of the parliament buildings with the Peace Tower reading 1:25. The coins are housed in an attractive map of Canada display.  

150th Anniversary of Confederation (2017)
• This five-coin set celebrates Canada's 150th anniversary with winning submissions from the My Canada, My Inspiration design contest, and features the glow-in-the-dark two-dollar and the coloured 25-cent design. 
• "Canada 150" 50-cent coin 
• "Canada 150" logo medal in bronze, 1867–2017, "Strong, Proud, Free"

Four-Piece Historic Postage Stamps in Presentation
• Queen Victoria
• 1917 Fathers of Confederation 50th anniversary three-cent postage stamp
• 1927 Fathers of Confederation 60th anniversary two-cent postage stamp
• 1967 five-cent featuring Queen Elizabeth II and centennial symbol postage stamp

60th Anniversary of Confederation (1927)
• Royal Canadian Mint official bronze medallion

Historic Miniature Sheet of 12 Postage Stamps
• Miniature sheet of 12 provincial and territorial flags

• Anniversaries of Confederation Collection

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.
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