Product Overview
What it is:
VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula is a blend of natural substances. This unique blend of herbs helps the nervous system find a balance, therefore allowing it to function optimally.

Who it is for:
Those looking to improve the effects of stress on the body, relax the nervous system and help with sleep.

What it does:
Chronic stress is very common due to living in a fast- paced society. Stress can also be caused by a number of other reasons, including struggles with health concerns, caring for family members, financial concerns and stress about just everyday life. VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula is used as a calmative to help relieve nervousness. It is also used to help with sleep aid. VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula is of great benefit.

What is included:
• VitaTree Relief Stress & Sleep Formula (60-Day Supply)

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