Tony Little

Tony Little - America's Personal Trainer

Best known as ""America's Personal Trainer,"" Tony Little is described as the textbook definition of ""Adversity to Victory."" It's Tony's strong values and a deep-rooted passion for helping others that launched him into mainstream America's physical fitness spotlight. Tony Little products and fitness principles have changed how we approach physical appearance, personal stamina, and our overall emotional outlook toward leading a healthier lifestyle. It's time you discover how more than 45 million people worldwide have benefitted from Tony Little exercise equipment and programs, proudly available for you right here at TSC! Tony Little's trying journey to reaching success is powerful and inspiring. It was in 1983 when tragedy struck in the midst of training for the biggest competition of his life, The Mr. America Bodybuilding Championship. A near-fatal car accident six months before the competition left him physically and emotionally devastated, suffering two herniated discs, a cracked vertebra, and a dislocated knee. Against all odds, Tony moved on to compete in the event and finished in fifth place. Following the competition, he struggled to regain motivation. In 1985, Tony found himself determined to turn his life around and reunite with his passion for fitness. He developed a motivational non-impact resistance exercise technique to reshape, redesign, and re-strengthen the mind's mindset and the body with minimal joint stress. It was Tony's passion for personal training and people that earned him numerous record-breaking sales for his videos and exercise equipment over the next decade. Tragedy struck again in 1996 when Tony was involved in another life-threatening accident, affecting four out of his five low back supporting discs. Miraculously, this did not hinder Tony's dedication to helping people get in shape. It was New Year's even in 1998 when he shattered all records and sold more than 200 tractor-trailer truckloads of his Gold Gazelle Glider, a full-body, low-impact, cardio, and resistance training workout. Following the Gazelle Glider's success, Tony went on to create the Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle Pro, the Tony Little Gazelle Power Plus, and the Tony Little Gazelle Edge Glider, all offering unique and effective low-impact ways to burn calories and work your cardiovascular system. Today, Tony Little continues to captivate audiences around the world with his simple formula for overcoming obstacles: ""Conceive Believe and Achieve™."" At TSC, you'll find a collection of Tony Little's renowned fitness equipment and apparel, including the highly-reviewed Tony Little Core Lounge Xtreme with Workout DVD, Tony Little Cheeks Quilted Multisport Gel Trainers, and so much more. Your fitness journey begins here!