Doll 10

Beautiful in just 10 minutes with Doll 10 Skin Care and Makeup

Do you want to change your story of beauty and enhance your self-confidence by taking just 10 minutes or less every morning? Shop Doll 10 products online at TSC and get exactly what you need to change the way you see yourself in just a few minutes! The company, founded by Dr. Doris Dalton after an uphill battle with rare cancer, is motivated to simplify your beauty routine and make you feel good. “I faced a stranger in the mirror. My skin looked ravished, most of my hair and brows were gone, and that was the moment I found my purpose.” Doll 10 Beauty offers an innovative product line that is as effective as It is easy to use. Inspired by her life experiences and all the challenges that women face on a daily basis, Dr. Dalton believes her mission is to give back self-esteem and help women feel powerful, beautiful and shine wherever they go. Sometimes all you need is to apply your lipstick, eyeliner or a few coats of foundation and blush to highlight your natural beauty. With Doll 10 cosmetics you will be ready to shine on a date, at work, in the park and even at your home. Why not? The brand specialists find the latest and greatest in good for your skin ingredients to create Its clinically proven and cruelty-free products. Always seeking to ensure customer satisfaction, components like sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban are left out of the Doll 10 formulas. With a diversified product line that goes from makeup and brushes to skincare, Doll 10 is always a great choice! Go with a foundation If you want your skin looking even and smooth or choose a concealer to mask dark circles. What about a colorful eyeshadow palette to bring some joy to your days or just a nice lipstick to add color, texture and hydration to your lips? Discover the best selection of Doll 10 products. Shop online at TSC!