Rykä Footwear

Ryka Footwear at TSC

Ryka Footwear began when the founders realized that women’s shoes needed to do better. Too often were men’s shoes being marketed to women disguised in smaller sizes. They set out to create a shoe that was designed not just for the unique shape of a woman’s foot but their overall build and muscle movement. They got to work and today they’ve turned their idea for better shoes into an entire movement and community for women to unite and empower each other. Their message is one that encourages individuality and works tirelessly towards women’s rights and quality of life. They want to bring women together and lift each other up instead of competing against each other and tearing others down. What they’ve done is just that - creating a successful community of strong women who work hard to make a better world. And it all began with a shoe. They’ve come far in the decades since they launched, always improving, always innovating. Today, they offer a huge variety of shoes with their special re-zorb technology that offers cushioning, impact protection, and shock absorption. The shoes also have anatomical insoles with the best possible heel and arch support. This is the base for their shoes and they translate it into all kinds of styles suited to many activities. Training, running, working out, hiking, or just walking around. Whatever you need to do, Ryka wants to make sure you’re comfortable and your feet are supported and staying healthy. For those that want a more casual look and feel, they also have a line of sandals, flip-flops, and other casual shoes. While not meant for hardcore training, they ensure you stay just as comfortable and supported while also staying stylish. These are perfect for a fun night out or a walk on the beach.